Lesson Content

•    Beginner to Advanced practical Bass and Guitar tuition with the minimum formal classroom work.
•    A solid understanding of the Bass and Guitar and its role in multiple genres of music.
•    Structured and effective training, broken down in to easy bite-sized sections to digest easily, without being bombarded with too much information.
•    Tips, tricks and shortcuts, Advanced playing techniques, complex rhythms and grooves, chords and example bass lines, scales and keys, tempo, time keeping and improvisation skills.
•    Song writing and part writing skills. Learn how to turn a handful of chords in to an emotive progression and ‘join the dots’ on the instrument neck to write inspiring and tasteful grooves or solos whilst understanding the theory behind them.
•    Confidence and performance skills.
•    Choose what path you take!  Want to be pushed to learn new techniques and styles? Or want to learn all your favourite songs and just have a professional to ‘jam’ with? It’s up to you – I guarantee you’ll still walk away happy having learned something new every visit.
•    A relaxed training environment to study in with as much tea (and maybe biscuits!) as you need.
•    You will have the opportunity to take away your recordings and written notes to study at home and I invite you to come up with your own ideas and songs to bring with you to a session to work on.
•    Studio based recording and notation training for you to get into and understand the ‘tools of the trade’ so that you can get recording and writing your own music and impressing your friends!
•    A complete A-Z! – A living, breathing technical resource of Instruments, Amplification and equipment, not to mention support and questions answered about all aspects of configuring band kit.  I am a geek! – but a good one!
•    Band Skills – All musicians have encountered ‘inter-band politics’ at some point. The old stereo-types seem to rear their ugly heads every now and then. My aim is to offer support and advice in order to help smooth over these moments of stress and friction before or indeed when they happen.